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We're more than an assessment software company... our focus is ensuring that what your employees learn is actually applied. We deliver assessment solutions not just an assessment software!


Get to Know LearningSource

LearningSource is a leading provider for one of the most innovative and powerful examination and assessment systems available on the market. We are also provide the most experienced custom e-learning design and developmentcapabilities allowing to you develop on-demand, anwhere training solutions.

Our objective is to ensure that:

  • You are not dependent on external, one-time training from software or private instructional trainers.
  • You don't waste hundreds, even thousands, of dollars purchasing or supporting e-assessment or e-learning strategy.
  • You get what you want that will most benefit the needs of your organization.
  • You work with a supplier that is experienced in learning and performance and not trying to sell you a "software.".
  • You receive a solution that meets your needs and not receive the solution the supplier wants to sell you.
  • You have the right to have at your disposa your learning solutions, anytime and anywhere.
  • Your training investment is well applied and providess continuous measurement and evaluation.

Our innovative examination and assessment system helps you to ascertain and maintain your employee’s knowledge, performance and learning requirements while complying with industry and government information legislation. Our innovative system is proven currently used by many major universities and organizations around the world.

Our Vision and Mission

We are focused on what is required to be the best in organizational and employee performance improvement through the success of our employee's applicatiosn. This focus challenges our team to always be the best in what we do for our clients through innovative concepts and never conforming to what is expected but to deliver the most effective and relevant performance solutions available while ensuring our client's competitive spirit.

The LearningSource mission is simple: To always be the leading workplace performance improvement company providing strategically-oriented employee performance management solutions by offering the most relevant and appropriate training, examination and assessment, and e-learning products and services to to leading performance-driven organizations worldwide.

The Authors

Employee Performance and Learning Strategist, Author, and International Speakers Ajay Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood are behind the philosophy, growth and success of LearningSource and it's parent company, CentralKnowlede Inc. Learn more about Ajay and Tersa and their published books including the recent, "The Trainers Balanced Scorecard" (Wiley 2009).


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